Protecting You and Yours in a Divorce

Divorce can be a devastating family situation. When faced with such a tough family issue leading to child custody and a division of financial assets, you want an expert on your side. When divorcing, you need someone who will help you understand the process, answer your questions, provide sound legal advice, and will be concerned about your future.

At Garza Law Group, we provide unemotional guidance based upon years of experience dealing with family issues. Whether your case is big or small, simple or complex, representing your best interests is our top priority.

FAQ Divorce

I have been served divorce paperwork – what do I do?

If your spouse has taken the steps to hire an attorney and have you served with divorce papers, you need to protect your rights and understand your obligations. Take these steps:

  1. Read the paperwork. You may be surprised about the things your spouse is asking for.
  2. Call an attorney so you can get legal advice on how to proceed.
  3. Be quick, as you only have about 20 days to file a response or you may have to forfeit some of your rights.

What do i do if I need to get divorced?

Call us. Some people can do divorce paperwork on their own, but if you own property, have children, or think you will be dealing with spousal support, you should call an attorney to learn about your options

How much will my divorce cost?

Your case is unique and may include custody issues, spousal support, division of property, potentially even businesses and commercial property. Your investment and retirement accounts, the kinds of assets you share with your spouse, and other details of your marriage will all factor into cost to dissolve your marriage. In your consultation, we discuss these issues with you as they relate to your unique situation.

Can my spouse get my inheritance?

While each situation is different, in general if you have inherited property, and you keep completely separated from your spouse, you will most likely keep it after the divorce. That said, many factors need to be considered. If you have questions about this issue, you should give us a call.

Will I be entitled to alimony or spousal support? What about my spouse?

Spousal support is most often ordered in cases where one spouse has a substantially greater income than the other spouse. There are many factors involved in the court’s decision, but the main ones are:

  • Length of marriage
  • Minor children
  • Division of property
  • Income
  • Education and job skills of the spouses

The new law allows a longer period for spousal maintenance payments, and the length of time is tied to the length of marriage. If you think spousal support is a factor in your case, you should contact us.

Can I change my current spousal support payment?

You can file to modify (to increase or decrease) your payments but several factors are considered. For example, the court will need to understand in detail what substantial changes in circumstances would justify a modification. Since your case is unique, contact us to discuss your cases in specific detail.

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