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I have been served divorce paperwork – what do I do?

If your spouse has taken the steps to hire an attorney and have you served with divorce papers, you need to protect your rights and understand your obligations. Take these steps:

  1. Read the paperwork. You may be surprised about the things your spouse is asking for.
  2. Call an attorney so you can get legal advice on how to proceed.
  3. Be quick as you only have about 20 days to file a response or you may have to forfeit some of your rights.

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Child Support & Custody

What is legal vs physical custody of children?

Legal custody means the parent has right to make decisions for the child(ren) in all matters including legal matters. The legal custodian of the child(ren) controls where they go to school, who their doctor is, and their upbringing. A parent with sole legal custody is the only one who makes major decisions for the child. There can be great benefits for the child. Contact us to discuss your questions on legal custody.

Physical custody means where the child spend the most time, in other words with the parent he/she lives with. To learn more about Joint, Sole and Bird’s Nest Physical Custody, contact us.

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